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Tom Carnevale has exceptional skills in security, integration, CCTV, Physical security, strategy, access control, surveillance, new business development, networking and biometrics. He is also knowledgeable in IP cameras, business development, security management, leadership, telecommunications, product development, entrepreneurship, product management, Intrusion detection, strategic planning, wireless, sales, account management, business strategy, alarm systems, IP, security audits, team building, vulnerability assessment, .NET, visual basic, protection, corporate security operations and risk management. Based on the mentioned skills, it can be inferred that he never stops learning new things.

He applied his skills on his membership to several organizations. He is a member of the IP User Group, ASIS, Security Industry Association, and ISIO International Security Industry Organization. Being part of these organizations, Thomas has shared his knowledge and skills.
Tom is also the author of the “Traffic Decongestion & Security, Too” of the April 6 issue (Security Magazine).

Tom CarnevaleThe main objective of the project is to implement a 36-degree camera system that can monitor the traffic flow even on traffic. Ensuring security on roads is also a concern due to the increasing number of recorded accidents. A security video will be the best solution to the problem. The success of the multi-tasking security video is credited to Tom Cameron (telecommunications for the Tollway), Chief Ted Young (tollway’s IT) and Tom Carnevale (CEO, Sentry 360). With the help of the installed camera, the tollway officials were able to easily monitor the heavy traffic. Tom Carnevale is part of the achievement.

Carnevale’s main responsibility is his position as CEO and Chairman of Sentry 360 Security. He is also a consultant in the Gerson Lehrman Group where he works with the other professionals such as engineers, market researchers, scientists, attorneys, and physicians from various parts of the world. The networks of professionals work according to the needs of the clients. As the security consultant of in Guidepoint Global, he helps the business clients and investors to have an access to several industry experts.

Hedge funds, mutual funds, strategy consultancies and private equity firms are some of the clients. With the help of the company, the clients acquired ideas on how to solve some business problems. There are negotiations and interactions through meetings, surveys, phone consultations and propriety equity firms.Tom Carnivale can be considered as a passionate man. He shares whatever he knows without thinking of what he will get in return. He keeps on serving the clients and investors.

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